My Mediterranean Packing List


I can't believe we leave for Turkey and Greece TOMORROW!!! We've been planning this trip for months and while Greece has been on my bucket list since elementary school, it feels like it's sprung upon us.

Over the weekend I started laying out key pieces for the trip. I don't always pack a suitcase with a color scheme in mind, but when Greece is your backdrop it's totally called for. Of course I want to play along with all the whites and blues of the buildings and waters. Both by complimenting them in similar hues and by contrasting with some bright patterns and corals. Here are a few of the "statement" pieces I've packed for the journey.

1. Striped crop suit - nasty gal
2. Side gather tshirt dress - athleta
3. ruffle vneck one piece - robin piccone
4. monaco loop swim dress - athleta
5. floppy sun hat - nordstrom
6. cushion sandals - reef (via amazon)
7. sunnies - quay (similar here)
8. ball earrings - bauble bar (no longer available)

Not all of my choices are strictly fashion-based. For example, many of these pieces I ordered from Athleta because the fabrics are sun-protective and moisture-wicking. Perfect for spending the majority of our time active and outdoors. The swim dress is NEVER something I thought I could be enticed into, but when I booked us a sunset dinner cruise that included multiple swim stops, I couldn't fathom needing to change back and forth. This dress is going to be PERFECT for taking a dip and then dipping into some freshly made tzatziki.

Of course, this is not all I'm packing for two weeks abroad. Though I've been told there is a nude beach or two...

I ordered a few additional Athleta tank tops, this one and this one, to stay cool and dry along the many hikes I anticipate. I'm packing a couple pairs of shorts and a few easy to throw on sundresses that can transition from daytime to nighttime. I am also bringing a scarf, similar to this one, as I find a scarf to be one of the most useful, multi-functional travel accessories. In addition to dressing up any ensemble, a scarf can keep you warm on the plane or during an evening chill and it can also protect your shoulders, chest, arms, etc from the sun, without causing you to overheat. In Cuba, I was never without my scarf and my shoulders appreciated it. 

While most of what I'm packing is wrinkle-resistant, that can't be said for everything. So I browsed an overwhelming amount of reviews on Amazon and decided on this travel-sized steamer. I've never traveled with a steamer, though I've contemplated it for years. I tend to take up every square inch of my suitcase with clothing, so giving up precious cargo room was a tough decision. However, after trying it out on this skirt I see the value. Not to mention, short of athletic gear, men don't have as many stretch fabric options as women do, so this will help James tremendously too! 

Clothes aren't the only necessities, obviously. While standard toiletries will make their way into my suitcase, I did make a special purchase in the beauty department. This Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen provides SPF 35 protection that glides on clear and won't interfere with your makeup application. One issue I have with most sunscreens is that they tend to melt quickly and end up sliding your makeup down your face in the process. And while my daily foundation does include an SPF of its own, I want to be extra protected under the Grecian sun. Particularly because we will be spending so much time outdoors and I'm unlikely to be reapplying my makeup throughout the day. 


Now I need to figure out what I'm wearing to the airport and what specifically to pack in my carry on. I have a couple of basic necessities that are always in my small travel backpack, but this flight is going to be one of our longest and may require special consideration. As far as my outfit. Our flight takes off at 9pm, which should lend itself more forgiving towards the yoga pants I have in mind. 

Can't wait to update you guys once we return. And of course you can follow along with stories and posts on my Instagram!