Fun Facts


Hi There!!

This weekend I am focusing on pure relaxation. My goal is to fill these few days with simple and pretty things, like flowers and tea and perhaps some light reading. Hopefully you find a little downtime for a playful read, as you drift peacefully through the weekend.

I often enjoy reading little tidbits about the people behind the blogs I follow. Or when I used to subscribe to Seventeen Magazine and they'd have the "15 Things You Didn't Know About....".

So I thought I'd share some lighthearted things about myself to better connect with you, my readers. In return, I'd love it if you'd leave a comment with something I don't know about you! Please don't let the initial process of having to create a Discus account deter you from commenting. It's a one time thing and, though annoying, allows you to receive a notification when I've responded to your message. It bothered me so much before when someone asked a question or left a remark, but never knew I'd answered them. 

Moving on! Here are a few #funfacts that you may or may not already know about me.

1. I enjoy wrapping gifts for people more than I do receiving them. I won't put a price limit on a beautiful sheet of paper or greeting card. I've started quite a collection, picking up pretty pieces as I stumble upon them. So much so I ordered this gift wrap cart to keep my growing assortment organized.  

2. I have a recognizable buffalo sauce addiction. I'll order a basket of french fries just to have something to drown in tangy goodness. It also makes a delectable addition to ramen noodles, baked beans, eggs and basically anything! My favorite is of course, Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce. I'm tempted to order it in gallon size as found here

3. My favorite course in college was Nutrition Through the Life Cycle. If I hadn't stumbled upon and connected with a job in oil and gas, while trying to earn enough experience to get into a clinical nutrition position, I'd hope to be a Dietitian in the NICU. 

getting ready.jpg

4. Until I was 10 or 11 years old, I did not understand that my younger sister could not be my twin. I blame my mother for consistently dressing us alike. Also all the episodes that led to reenactments of The Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley. 

5. Speaking of my sister... No one can bring me to fits of tear-soaked laughter as often as her. I love that with only eye contact we can recognize that we're thinking the same thing and simultaneously begin laughing. It's always driven our mother nuts! 

6. At home I regularly talk during shows and movies. Usually to complain when an actor's behavior is out of character or completely unbelievable. James finds this attribute completely endearing and never asks me to stop irritating and begs me to shhhhh!!

7. For the first two years of our marriage, James and I only lived together half of the month at a time. This was a decision we made to allow both of us to continue on our career paths, while taking on a unique challenge and experience. You can read a little more about the decision in my first ever blog post, Eh is for Adventure

8. Some people have guilty pleasures like reading gossip magazines. Mine is browsing wedding websites. I will hop on sites of complete strangers and get lost for hours in the stories of how couples met, how they are choosing to celebrate their union and even what they've registered for. These little, real-life love stories warm my heart more than any novel. 

countries visited.jpg

9. I have traveled to an equal number of the United States and countries... my lucky number, 23! Come September I'll surpass the states by 2 more countries when my husband and I visit Greece and Turkey!

10. As much as I love to write and share stories, my decision to start this blog actually stemmed from a particularly depressing dream. In which, James and I accepted the two year assignment in Canada only to be completely forgotten by all our friends and family. I woke up thinking I CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN! And so, Wanderlynds came to life.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

Don't forget to leave me a little tidbit about yourself. Or perhaps a link to your wedding website! ;)