Passing Through Portland


I spent the culmination of a full day in Portland, capping each end of my camping trip in Terrebonne, Oregon to catch the eclipse

First stop was a visit to Powell's City of Books. I am guilty of purchasing most of my books online and in Kindle form, but nothing beats the feel and smell of a paperback. There's an intimidating volume of volumes in this bookstore. Books are arranged in color coded rooms based on genre and a special room holds rare publications. I most enjoyed browsing Walt Disney's Film Archives. 


Down the street from the bookstore is the Dechutes Brewery. Dad and I worked up an appetite, so we treated ourselves to a brew. While he had soup and wings, I went for the lobster roll. It was delicious! Lots of lobster, not drenched in mayo and on a perfectly toasted bun. 


We walked off our savory lunch through the streets of the Pearl District, filled with popup booths of fresh flowers, organic milks, handmade soaps and more. We had a few camping errands to run prior to venturing into the state park so we couldn't stick around long.  Soon it was dinner time and we found ourselves not far from a recommended Thai restaurant, Pok Pok Noi


My cocktail, the Khing & I, was made with Mekhong - a whiskey dubbed "the spirit of Thailand." Dad ordered one with tequila and we both enjoyed their simplicity, freshness and tartness.  

As an entré I went with the Tam Kai Yaang with sticky rice. I don't know about everyone else's experience with Thai food. I love the flavors, but never in my life have I had such a fresh, bright representation. I'm used to your typical noodles in an oily, spicy sauce, but this was akin to Thai ceviche! Seriously the best Thai meal I've ever had and one I have craved many times since. 


We rounded out our dining experience with something sweet from Salt & Straw scoop shop. First discouraged by the line that seriously wraps around the building, we made a second attempt and decided to stick it out. The variety and creativity of the flavors alone make it worth the wait. A friendly staff encourages you to sample which flavor or flavors you'd like nestled into your freshly made cone. Yes, they make the cones right in front of you! And if you're like me and want more flavors than your tummy will allow, go for the split scoops. You can get half a scoop of two flavor to make one full scoop. Brilliant!

I've started making mini, downloadable travel guides to summarize some of my wanderings. I'm so excited to share them with you and hope they serve you in preparing your own travel adventures!

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