My New Love, New Mexico


There's no denying all the feels I have for this funky Southwestern state. Albuquerque and Santa Fe have quickly risen to the top of my list of favorite cities in America. How could they not? Both unique in their attractions, yet equally enlivening. 

I had the opportunity to visit Santa Fe to witness the beautiful marriage between my childhood friend and the love of her life.  Little did I know I too would be falling in love, with the earthy vibes and sweet nature that encompass the adobe-adorned streets and turquoise-jeweled residents. 



Flying from Portland, I landed in Albuquerque where I stayed for one day and night.  My Airbnb wasn't ready upon my arrival so I first made my way to eat at the Church Street Cafe.

Reading up on New Mexico, I knew one of my missions was to discover if I'm a red or green chile lover. It's recommended you order your New Mexican dish of choice "Christmas" style, letting you taste both sauces in one meal. Doing so, I discovered I am most definitely a GREEN chile lover, with its spice and tangy zing. 


Next door to the cafe is Nikki Zabicki's art gallery. Nikki passionately paints Day of the Dead pieces. Additionally, she sells other artists' works with the same flare.  I picked up one of the hauntingly beautiful Dia de los Muertos Barbie Dolls in a mermaid costume. 


What I really want is to have one of Nikki's custom paintings. She loves to work with people, having them send her photos which she then depicts in deadly greatness. As sweet as she is talented, Nikki allowed me to stash my bags in her storage closet while I further browsed Old Town, Albuquerque. 


With new mobility and gusto, I was able to strut through the streets where I happened upon a pottery and jewelry store. Forgive me for not recalling the name, however, I remember it's roughly located at the corner of Church Street and Romero Street.

Inside was a happy and friendly art dealer whose son goes to school with many Navajo children. This gallery owner specializes in bringing the artwork of Navajo families into the city to be sold. I couldn't resist this beautiful piece of pottery, made by a seventeen year old girl, Naomi. It's an endearing addition to our home, bringing with it the vibes I was so strongly absorbing just hours into my expedition.  


Further accentuating the folksy, laid-back atmosphere was this downtown casita. Seriously, the cutest dang airbnb ever. I instantly swooned over the Terracotta exterior and the wanderlust interior accents. Everything about this place spoke to me. If I could have moved in permanently I would have. 


Santa Fe

The Brown-Sariles wedding took place at the La Posado Resort & Spa. Its own oasis, the grounds are dotted in private, adobe bungalows. 


Getting ready with Joanna on this momentous day in her life was incredibly meaningful. I'm so happy I could be there to witness and participate in the festivities. 

Following the whimsical wedding, Laurel and I stuck around Santa Fe for an additional day. We wanted to explore the eats and the sites. Also, to stay in this awe-inspiring lodge, most appropriately nicknamed The Earth Room

This place was F-ING AMAZING!!! Lisa has created a self-sustaining sanctuary, with multiple greenhouses, solar panels and pluming that recycles water from the house to irrigate the lush grounds. 


New Mexico is an art haven. Strolling along the sunflower-freckled Plaza, we stopped to survey many galleries. How there can be so many talented artists sharing works in a seemingly small radius is baffling. 


Santa Fe boasts a rich history. Among memorable events is the building of this spiral staircase inside the Loretto Chapel. For $3 you can peruse the Gothic architecture and the mystery surrounding this physics-defying passageway. 


All too soon it was time to go.

Everything about my stay in New Mexico made me feel rejuvenated and whole. Its uninhibited cosmos inspired me in a way I cannot explain, while the impression these cities left continues to shine in my soul. 

I want to know if anyone else has visited and been affected similarly. Also, leave suggestions for when I most certainly return!

TravelLyndsay Cavanagh