Ship Ahoy!


That time we boarded the HMCS Fredericton with the Royal Canadian Navy.

Over Canada Day (and July 4th) weekend the Royal Canadian Navy and other branches of the military came to St. Johns to partake in the parade and additional festivities.

Fortunate for us, James has a friend and coworker who previously served in the Canadian Navy. This gentleman arranged for us to tour his old ship while it was docked in St. John's Harbour. 

The HMCS Fredericton (FFH 337) is a Halifax-class frigate (warship) that has served in the Canadian forces since 1994. 

Some important facts of this vessel:

  • The Fredericton serves to protect Canada's authority and independence, but also goes on many anti-terrorism missions, specifically in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.
  • In 2014, the Fredericton joined NATO's Operation Reassurance to conduct surveillance, reconnaissance, and monitoring of migrant crossings in the Aegean in cooperation with relevant authorities. 
  • The Fredericton has participated in many important NATO training exercises to develop maritime situational awareness and interoperability as well as particular skills such as Anti-Submarine Warfare tactics.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to tour this ship with some of Canada's best. Especially meaningful to experience this during both Canada and America's national celebrations. 

Canada and the United States share the world's largest border, a major trading relationship and a military tie through NATO. Without diminishing our American loyalty and pride, it was just a much an honor to stand amongst these men as our own.