Hanger Hangups


We're at almost one full year since James, my husband, moved to Newfoundland. While I now live between two houses, it's been a challenge to make Houston truly feel like home without him. The holidays have made me yearn even deeper for a cozy space to come "home" to. Therefore, I've been working hard to organize our apartment in a way that maximizes energy flow. To Feng Shui in a sense. The biggest way to achieve this is to declutter.

Who else can be transported from a state of calm to distress simply by walking into their closet? I'm pretty certain I'm not alone. 

I live in a small one-bedroom apartment when I'm not in Canada with my husband. It's not easy to pack an adult-sized life into 900 square feet, even though my closet is a fairly decent space. It doesn't matter that I was able to take over James's side when he left (he already had less than half). Even with all the room, the area still looked chaotic. 

For a long time now I've been wanting to create some harmony by swapping all of my mismatched hangers for cohesive ones. James was already one step ahead of me in that department. He doesn't have near as much clothing, but all his hangers are a deep, dark wood, creating balance in the tightest of spaces. I finally took on the project with some birthday money. I knew I wanted the same overall look, but with lighter hangers. After some research, I fell in love with these Proman beauties and purchased them on amazon, here. They are currently unavailable from this seller, but hopefully they'll come available again. Otherwise, there are other sellers. 

I can't explain the peace I feel when I step into my closet. It's an instant mood changer. There's a lot more work for me to do in this room. For starters, I was disappointed in myself when I realized just how many articles of clothing I'm holding onto. Many things I haven't worn in a number of years. Phase Two of the closet reorganization will include reading and following through with Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Perhaps a challenge for the New Year! 

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