Casa de Cavanagh

Welcome to our home!!!

This weekend brought about a very exciting development. After a number of visits touring rental properties around St. Johns, NL, and a few late-night-video-chat sessions discussing possibilities, James and I have picked our Canadian residence! 

This town home is located in St. John's historic downtown, featuring many of the city's boutiques, bars and restaurants. I'm eager to visit George Street, St. John's nightlife scene, just half a mile from us. We're also conveniently located near a yoga studio that I cannot wait to try out! 

Having a place to call "home" makes this experience all the more real. It also means we are suited for visitors, so join us when you can! Though I will not be routinely living there for a few months from now, James will get us settled in and acquainted with the town. 

Here are a few more pictures of our furnished home as well as a couple pictures James has taken of the very different winter he's experiencing: 

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