Today is the day we've been looking forward to and dreading at the same time. Early this morning James boarded his first of two flights to Newfoundland, Canada. He should arrive around 1:30am Newfoundland Standard Time (NST), 11:00pm Central Time (CT).

I'd say that's the second oddity of our new situation; the specific Newfoundland time zone that's a legitimate two and a half hour difference. The first oddity being the shift from living together to living 2500 miles apart. Thankfully we've already booked my first trip out to NL. We'll spend Valentine's Day through our (dating) anniversary in our new town! It makes it all the more special that my first trip coincides with our Peru trip two years ago. The trip that sparked our relationship. #swoon. 

Leading up to today, we did our best to partake in many of our favorite Houston activities. We celebrated the New Year with some of our dearest Houston friends, ate at a few of our favorite Houston restaurants, saw the comedic Santa Land Diaries at Alley Theatre (thank you Marissa!) and soaked in as much family cuddle time as we could with our little Tilly. She definitely knows something is up and hasn't left James's side in days.  We were also able to obtain our marriage license (eek!!) in that awkward 3-90 day time period before nuptials. As of today we have 80 days to go!!! 

In anticipation of his absence, James has thoughtfully prepared me as best he could. He hung curtains for my added privacy and to hopefully facilitate a better night's sleep in a darker setting. He changed out our crappy apartment shower head with a luxurious rainfall-like one and he created an elaborate, step-by-step manual for all the gadgets around the house. I may actually be able to operate them without his aid! 

As challenging as these next few months are sure to be, I couldn't be more excited to share in them with James. I'm thankful for the opportunity he's brought to us, and for the confidence we have in each other to be able to just say yes! 

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