What's in My Hospital Bag??


Packing for traveling of a different sort - this trip has taken 10 months (39 weeks so far) of planning.

Since this is an adventure like none before, so is this post. I actually created an amateur YouTube video to share with you all the goodies coming along to aid in our delivery.

Amateur may even be a generous term. Perhaps YouTubing is something I’ll get better at if I continue to use it, but if I can help anyone pack for their own hospital stay then this video will have served its purpose.

People suggested packing multiple bags, such as one for labor and delivery and another for time spent in the maternity ward. To me, multiple bags seems tedious, so I made it a goal to get as much use out of one bag as possible. Especially since I wanted to bring my breast pump along, which requires an additional bag. This is definitely going to be a decision unique to each mama, but I don’t anticipate I’ll be changing all that much over the length of our stay and prefer to keep everything as tidy and portable as possible, with limited baggage.

Here are links to the majority of items mentioned in the video:

Away Large Checked Bag
Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag - Black
Boppy Pillow
Boppy Pillow - Water Resistant Cover
Boppy Pillow - Cloud Cover
Flameless Candles
Copper String Lights
Yoga Socks
Delivery Gown, Nursing Gown, Robe Matching Set
Pull Over Nursing Bras

*ALSO, forgot to mention packing your own pillow with pillow case in a color other than white.

Items my husband is bringing:
Portable speaker (for Spotify playlist)

Items I plan to snag from the hospital:
Mesh Panties (No need to buy special underwear that you’re just going to trash unless you’re truly that terrified of what the hospital will bring you.)
Diapers and Wipes
Petroleum Jelly
Bulb Syringe
*Anything and Everything the hospital is willing to part with ;)

I hope you find the suggestions useful for your own bag or in gifting something for a mommy-to-be!