ISO: A Flat For Wanderlusting City Girls


I asked. You answered! 

Buying a house and starting a new job in downtown Houston may mean putting down roots, but the extent of my wandering has actually increased! That's because working downtown gives you ample opportunities to explore the various restaurants and shops while stripping you of any excuse to drive to lunch. Not even rain can gift you laziness, as Houston's underground tunnel system navigates you to anything your tummy desires. 

All this walking is great for the environment, as well as my legs, but when it comes to my feet....well, I'll spare you the ugly, blistery details. As much as I admire the sultry women strutting through town in their Louboutins, I spent a good (though significantly less) amount of money on a few pairs of beautiful work heels. I do not want to see my investment mangled by the concrete jungle.


However, ending up in this situation felt like a crime against city dwelling and could not happen again.


So, like any millennial with a dilemma, I took it to Instagram. I asked for suggestions for a chic, walkable flat and an overwhelming majority named these three brands as worthy. I thought I'd share the results in hopes of salvaging your feet and your precious stilettos too.


Per their website, "the most versatile flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. Wearable all day, every day." The fit-in-your-purse feature of these shoes is extremely appealing to me. While I worry about them being a little thin, so many people have responded with their approval, therefore I feel they deserve a try. 


Shoes made out of water bottles?! Why had I not heard of these before? Walking around town isn't environmentally friendly enough when you can actually step into the role of ecologist. This company boasts comfort, style and sustainability. For that I am eager to give them a go!

Dr. Scholl's

I immediately purchased two adorable pairs of Dr. Scholl's flats after a colleague responded with the suggestion. As someone with high arches, who often finds flats lack proper support, I'm excited for what Dr. Scholl can prescribe. **UPDATE** I tried these flats and was unfortunately disappointed. The insoles are super comfortable, but the shoes lack structure. They buckled and slipped off of my feet. I will be returning them and trying Tieks next. 

While I haven't ordered anything from Tieks or Rothy's (yet), I'm appreciative of the recommendations and hope to build a small variety over time. I'll let you know via Instagram how things work out. 

What I love about these recommendations is that even though I was seeking out these flats for work, I know they will serve me equally well in my travels. Anyone who has read up on the adventures I've shared knows that we do not sit still often or for any significant length of time. We're more likely to need a vacation from our vacation and a nice long soak for our feet. Hopefully with these flats my soul and my soles can come back from our next excursion rejuvenated!

Happy Wandering!