Houston's 2017 Top 100 by Alison Cook


During our stint in Canada we were frequently asked the same question. "What do you miss most about Houston?" Our immediate answer, "the food." 

Houston's diverse food scene rivals anywhere in America. I know it and so does Anthony Bourdain. Which is why we couldn't wait to come back and dive into some amazing dishes, from places both old and new. 

Tonight James is taking me to Xochi in celebration of my first day on the new job! Xochi was rated Houston's #1 restaurant of 2017 by notable food critic Alison Cook. 

Every year Alison Cook of The Houston Chronicle puts out her list of the Top 100 Restaurants in Houston. I first started tracking her lists back in 2013, trying mightily to get through at least one year. Not all in one year's time, per se, since a lot of restaurants make it onto the list multiple years in a row. Still, trying to get to 100 restaurants spread broadly across Houston is no easy (f)eat. Any opportunity for a date night had me scanning her list for a recommendation.

Two years, the majority spent in Canada, knocked me off my path to belly enlightenment. So now, with our return to our city, I'm over-the-moon excited for Alison's 2017 list! A few years since I last checked, this year's inventory includes a lot of new places. Something different this year is that the catalog is now digital! You can visit this site and scroll through each restaurant, or filter down by neighborhood or type of cuisine. 

For a list-lover like myself, I do miss the PDF format that allowed me to print it off and scratch through all the places I've been. Nonetheless, I decided to not only embrace the digital database, but to take it a step further. I've created a public Google Map with all of Alison's 2017 Top 100 locations. Feel free to visit it!

You'll notice my own map key in which I've left restaurants I still need to try in blue and reflected restaurants I've already dined at in purple. This is because it's my own interactive map that I plan to update as I go. However, you can copy and save your own version of the map, revising it in accordance to your own experiences. 

I hope you enjoy using it. Let me know your favorites and least favorites from this most recent list. Furthermore, from the places you love, recommend what to order! 

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