FootGolf: Sharing the Course


It doesn't take expensive equipment and pressed khakis to enjoy a beautiful day on a meticulously landscaped golf course. Thanks to the development of FootGolf, anyone with the ability to kick a ball can play the greens. 

FootGolf is precisely the fusion of golf and soccer (pardon me, fútbol). One must kick a regulation size soccer ball the length of the hole and into a 21-inch cup. In as few shots as possible, likewise.

Our 18 holes were played in tandem with regular golfers. It was hilarious and incredibly patient of the true golfers to allow James and I to "play through," as we typically finished a hole much faster than those actually golfing. A round of FootGolf will typically last an hour and a half versus an average three hour round of golf. 

I am surprised to learn that there are more than 500 American FootGolf League official FootGolf courses in the U.S. alone. Currently there's only one location in the North Houston area, Humble Golf Center. I'm hoping the excitement catches on and that more courses open up, inside the loop. 

There's even an official uniform per the AFGL, including turf shoes and club appropriate attire. I really wish I'd brought up my indoor cleats, as playing in tennis shoes grew frustrating. Still, it was a remarkably fun way to spend a beautiful summer day (some day on clothes) here in Newfoundland. I may become a golfer just yet!

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