Farmacy Face Mask


It's been some time since I last posted something "lifestyle" related. I in no way claim or aim to be a lifestyle blogger, but sometimes an experience slips in that isn't travel related, per se, but leaves an impression. This non-sponsored product review is one of them. 

It does slightly relate to travel as I ordered this mask in search of something to revive my tired, icky-feeling skin after lots and lots of flying. I've tried a couple of different masks, including one that claimed to be good for use on the go (but dripped all over me and my clothes), but this is the first one that has actually made my skin feel "WOW!" 

I discovered this product in reading a post from a blogger I follow pretty regularly, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. She wrote a post about seven summer-worthy beauty products, here. To be honest, she's heavily sponsored and most of the time I can't even dream of affording anything she's repping; clothes, skin care products, etc. However, Julia recommended this honey hydrating mask and the $56 price tag didn't make me cringe. And since Sephora is wonderful to its members, accepting returns on almost anything, I decided it was worth giving a try. 

First of all, can we stop to appreciate the gorgeous packaging??!! I didn't want to open and wrinkle the lavish paper swaddle, but each layer that unfolded unwrapped an even more beautiful design. I love the honeycomb details and the weighted glass jar. The cute, metal spatula is magnetized so it stays secure atop the jar and not lost in your drawer of beauty products!


The mask is thick and it only takes a small amount to work all over your face. You rub it into your skin until it becomes white in color, then let it rest for 10-15 minutes. The description is not exaggerating about it being "warming." In fact, I found it down right HOT. At first I was a little worried, as the more I worked the product into my skin the warmer it became. However, I decided to give it the full 15 minutes to reap the maximum effects, good or bad. The mask rinsed off easily with some warm water, but left my skin sensitive to the touch. I thought I'd be returning this product to Sephora. It took about 5 minutes for my skin to adjust, but then oh-my-goodness, my skin was left feeling so incredibly soft and clean. 

I couldn't wait to use the product again and upon doing so I found that my skin didn't have the same sensitive reaction it did the first time. This hydrating mask has found a solid place in my travel-home routine. 

I also bought the mousse sun screen featured in Julia's post and have been enjoying it as well!