Lobster Season in Newfoundland


If you follow me on Instagram then you are well aware that one,  it's lobster season in Newfoundland and two, I'm pretty damn excited about it.

Seafood is awesome any time of year, but unarguably much better when it's caught fresh and served locally. Newfoundland, being an island in the North Atlantic, is in prime position for delectable sea creatures. Lobsters and mussels and crabs, OH MY!

There are a number of Cameron expats and their wives living here in St. John's, making us a little expat family. It was wonderful to gather together in one of the homes for a beautiful lobster boil, in the best weather of the year to date. 

Robert and Kim opened up their home and made superb hosts, setting up a beautiful table and all the necessary equipment. Lobsters and crab legs were purchased from a downtown merchant for $10CAD a pound. That's under $7.50 USD per pound! 

The end result was a glorious afternoon, spent with remarkable company and a scrumptious meal. As ready as I am for James and I to resume our Houston lifestyle, it's occasions like this that make a foreign environment feel like home and remind me to appreciate our opportunity to live abroad even more. 

FoodLyndsay Cavanagh